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Good Evening, New York City

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Paul McCartney's new double CD / DVD live set is culled from his 3-night stand to open New York City 's CitiField stadium this past summer. Having been lucky enough to catch a later date in Atlanta , I can tell you that this release isn't only for fans that caught the New York performances. This really could've been almost any night of the tour. While watching the DVD, I kept having flashbacks to my own night with Paul. It was great to relive such a wonderful experience and I believe that any fans that couldn't make it to an actual gig will enjoy seeing what they missed.

The song choices are daring to say the least. Sure, the staples are there, but for me, it's the twists and turns that keep me hooked. Stone cold classics such as “Eleanor Rigby”, “Let It Be”, “The Long And Winding Road”, “Day Tripper” and Paperback Writer” alternate with lesser known gems such as “Only Mama Knows”, “Ms. Vanderbilt”, “Calico Skies” and “I've Got A Feeling.” This collection displays the breadth and quality of McCartney's career better than any other that I've come across. This concert is a 45-year reminiscence from 1963's “I Saw Her Standing There” to 2008's “Sing The Changes”. (And this is the definite version of “Sing The Changes” that blows away the original studio version from last year's Fireman album.)

The biggest surprise for me in watching the DVD is that (unlike most other McCartney releases), Good Evening New York City leaves the warts. I'm happy to report that the listener can hear the occasional stray note, which only adds to the realness and charm. Paul's emotional, near breakdown during his tribute to John Lennon in “Here Today” is especially touching. (The CD version is a separate performance as this moment wouldn't translate to an audio-only recording.)

The hits are what most of audience wants and they go on and on. The last 11-songs are one peak after another. First, it's easy to believe that Paul can't top “A Day In The Life / Give Peace A Chance” but not long after, you're singing along to “Hey Jude”. From the actual pyro of “Live And Let Die” to the figurative pyro of the explosive “Helter Skelter”, this show has it all.

A final double shot of “Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band” leading into “The End” is the perfect way to leave off. Who knows how many more years Paul and his amazing band can do this? “When I'm 64” is now past tense and the age of 70 is fast approaching for Sir Paul. If you get the chance to see him, go. If you don't, there's always Good Evening, New York City .

Chris McKay / ConcertShots


Congratulations to Dave Beckner of Maryland, USA. He won the deluxe editon of Good Evening New York City courtesy of Concert Shots, Hear Music and Paul McCartney. Dave won by playing our trivia challenge and coming in with the highest score and the best time. If you'd like to play the contest for fun (and see if you would've topped him), Play it by clicking here! You will need to be a member of Facebook and you will have to be logged in to play. Good luck! I hope we can have more contests like this soon.


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