(featuring The Mooney Suzuki, The Raveonettes,
White Light Motorcade and Longwave)

March 15, 2003
Echo Lounge - Atlanta




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Now, this is what it’s all about. Tonight was the kind of show that inspired me to go to rock and roll shows in the first place. To top it off, these four super bands cost only five bucks to see!

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New York’s Longwave started the night off tentatively before firing on all cylinders near the end of their 30-minute set.

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The band displayed hints of U2 and The Strokes while never coming off as derivative. The young band sounded like they already have a couple of hits in their arsenal and enough angst to carry them over the edge.

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The most clichéd thing about them was the instrument destruction at the end of their set. They did it well, though!

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White Light Motorcade:

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Next up was White Light Motorcade. I had heard that they were a more “corporate” band, so I wasn’t expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised.

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The band’s bite was equally as tough as its bark and that’s a good thing. They looked positively ’03, but managed to weave strong arena rock melodies into a punk flavored outfit that stood out from the rest.

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There was a distinctly Cheap Trick aroma in the air between the harmonies, minor chords and cool Beatle-esque progressions. Yeah, they too smashed their instruments at the end of the set, but I forgive ‘em. I’m just thrilled to hear some well-crafted music that doesn’t forsake full-throttle rocking!

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The Raveonettes:

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The buzz act of the night was The Raveonettes. The Danish band was definitely the “which one of these is not like the other” of the night.

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Brimming with ugly, detuned chainsaw guitars that spit gnarly Sonic Youth chords and topped off with sweet Everly Brothers harmonies and a pure sense of musical adventure, The Raveonettes brought the dance to the night. Loops spun around Ventures-like reverb soaked chord changes.

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The audience swayed and occasionally spaced out into fits of madness during this pleasing odd man out set.

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The Raveonettes were hypnotic, bludgeoning and charming.

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The Mooney Suzuki:

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Tonight’s headliners, though, were clearly on a mission. The Mooney Suzuki swaggered out onto the small stage dressed from head to toe in black. For three-quarters of an hour, they were the best rock and roll band ever!

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Seriously, I’ve seen the band before, but it was nothing like this. It was the MC5, The Stones and AC/DC all in one. The Mooneys had ‘60s soul, ‘70s bombast and great catchy songs. The topper was the amazing energy. I don’t even know if I can describe it. It’s like they were told before the show, “There are snipers all around you. If you don’t put on the greatest rock concert of all time, we will kill you. Then we will go after your loved ones.” If that had actually happened, I can’t imagine them being any more intense. The audience was riled up to the point of near delirium. With the exception of the relatively sedate “Oh Sweet Susanna”, the show was one crushing blow after the other.

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Near the end of the set, every member of the band invaded the crowd. During this time, the patrons kept up the beat with handclaps. If you’ve ever wondered if you'd have a chance to see an unbelievable, all-out rock ‘n’ roll onslaught in these pre-fab pop, post grunge, too cool for school times, I shout, “Yeah You Can!” The Mooney Suzuki rocks. Get your Electric Sweat on.

(Chris McKay/

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