September 11, 2002
40 Watt Club-Athens, GA


The Used:

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Andrew WK:

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This show was absolute mayhem! I still can't tell you much about Andrew W.K.'s music except that it's fast, monotonous, monolithic and annoyingly catchy, but his show on this night was extraordinary.

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Perhaps it was the date of the show, but there was so much energy from the audience that it was actually scary. When he started, I was right up front, but after a couple of songs, I realized that all I could see was shoes and legs of people coming over my head. When I got farther back, I could hardly even see the band for all of the people on the stage. There was a sea of arms raised, people flying, pounding beats and (most surprisingly) good vibes.

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At first, security looked absolutely overwhelmed and frightened because the whole audience had become one worked up monster. Luckily, they just wanted to "party hard" and the guards were smart enough to back off. As even more people gathered on the stage, Andrew leapt into the crowd. At one point he even attacked the Tiki Bar with a smile, throwing drinks everywhere. No one minded. This show actually re-affirmed a bit of my faith in humanity. In complete chaos, no one took advantage of anyone. Every one just wanted everyone to have a good time. We did.

(Chris McKay/

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