The B-52's

August 11, 2001
Chastain Park Amphitheater-Atlanta, GA


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“Are you ready for dessert,” asked B-52’s frontman Fred Schneider to the candle lit dinner party in front of him as the venerable Athens born band kicked into “Modean” to start an hour and a half celebration of individuality at Chastain. The 16-song set list compiled just the cream of their nearly 25 years as a band. Guitarist Keith Strickland smiled almost the whole night and kicked off song after song with surf based riffs amplified through vintage Vox amps. The packed house partied and danced along with Fred and Keith as singers Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson defined quirky with their bizarre (and still cool) vocalisms.

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No one else is like the B-52’s. “Roam” and “Good Stuff” were as catchy as ever and tunes like “Quiche Lorraine” and “Strobe Light” are always good for a laugh. “Revolution Earth” and “Deadbeat Club” were less campy, but felt sincere and real. The latter’s reminiscences of crashing parties “down in Normaltown” seemed to transport Cindy and Kate back to those times before Athens was known as a “scene.” Announcing songs by telling what types of wine they’d go best with, Fred continually made good-hearted jabs at the wealthy yuppie types who dominated the tables closest to the stage. My date noted as she watched the frontman that he sounds like “a robot that has an emotion chip implanted.” That’s probably the only accurate description of Fred’s voice and mannerisms that I’ve ever heard. “Private Idaho” was yet another burst of energy from the band and crowd, but set ender “Love Shack” was (of course) what brought the roof down. Since this was outdoors, the only legitimate way to bring down the roof is to bring down the rain. For the duration of “Love Shack” it rained persistently. No one cared. People danced and yelled out even louder when Fred asked if they wanted to “bang bang.” The encores of “Cosmic Thing” and “Rock Lobster” were equally as joyous. This show was simply a good time. Everyone was smiling as they left. (Chris McKay)

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The B-52's Set List (8-11-01)

1. Modean

2. Dance

3. Good Stuff

4. Lava

5. Roam

6. Quiche Lorraine

7. Deadbeat Club

8. Hero Worship

9. Private Idaho

10. Revolution Earth

11. Pluto

12. Stobe Light

13. Love Shack


14. Wammy

15. Cosmic Thing

16. Rock Lobster