THE B-52'S

September 13, 2002
40 Watt Club-Athens, GA


The B-52's:

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The B-52's playing in Athens at the 40 Watt on their 25th anniversary tour would've made this special enough, but there was a lot more to this September night than that. Nuši's Space was to be the beneficiary of the money made and everyone involved felt like they were doing something important.

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Not only did a wonderful charity get much needed support, but Athens got another legendary show to brag about. Of course, we got all the hits. We got the outfits. We got the absurdist riffs and colorful lyrics. We got a sold out crowd yelling, "Tin roof....rusted!" We got "Quiche Lorraine" for God's sake!

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It was hotter and sweatier than the band's amphitheater shows and it rocked. While The B's were on-stage, Nuši's mom, Linda, looked on proudly at the massive crowd and the amazing band. At one point, she and Space-man Bob Sleppy phoned local musician/Counting Crows drummer Ben Mize (at work in California) to hear what was happening at the show he helped to arrange. They waved the cell and continued smiling. After the rock lobsters had all gone to bed, The B-52's and Mrs. Phillips shared thanks and the band wished her continued success. I may have been nothing more than the fly-on-the-wall photographer, but it felt good to be there. It was without a doubt my favorite Athens music moment of '02. Thanks to the B-52's. Thanks Linda and Bob. Thanks 40 Watt.

(Chris McKay/


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The B-52's and the 40 Watt Club celebrate this charity show backstage with the founder of Nuci's Space, Linda Phillips as well as the space's manager, Bob Sleppy.

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Left to right: Barrie Buck (40 Watt owner), Keith Strickland, Cindy Wilson, Bob Sleppy (Nuci's Space manager), Linda Phillips (Nuci's Space founder), Fred Schneider, Kate Pierson, Bradford Cobb (Direct Management) and Velena Vego (40 Watt booking agent)

Please find out more about Nuci's Space by visiting It's a great cause. Find out how you can help.