September 27, 2003
The Roxy - Atlanta


The Tom Collins:

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Following the Zep-tinged stomp and swagger of The Tom Collins, DBT came across as gloriously ragged and frayed. In addition to the normal standout live songs “Sink Hole,” “Let There Be Rock,” and “Steve McQueen,” the band decided to get into a fight with Warren Zevon’s “Play It All Night Long.” As surprised as I am to say it, the Truckers won the brawl and actually improved the song in the process. Zevon may not have known it, but it’s clear he wrote this song for DBT. The other tribute came in the form of Johnny Cash’s “Give My Love To Rose” backed by a new Truckers’ tune called “Carl Perkin’s Cadillac.” As with every other time I’ve seen them, Drive-By Truckers proved their mettle as the best damn straight up rock and roll band around these days.

Chris McKay /


Drive-By Truckers:

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