November 21, 2003
The Tabernacle - Atlanta


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Who’d a thunk the 2003 screams could rival 1984? For the first time since 1985, all of the original members of Duran Duran convened in Atlanta. Selling the show out in ten minutes and attracting crowds lined up down and around the block shows that the prototypical ‘80s boy band can still rival the current ones.

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Hearing the original (and still phenomenal) rhythm section of John and Roger Taylor do the guilty pleasures “Hungry Like The Wolf,” “Planet Earth,” “Rio,” “Careless Memories” and “Save A Prayer” would’ve been enough, but even not-so-great songs like “The Wild Boys” took on massive power and surprising edge.

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This energetic greatest hits concert was punctuated by a pair of new originals that may even grant DD a come back upon release next year. 25 years after forming, the band still revels in high style while managing to provide substance underneath the glossy sheen.

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Duran Duran Set List (Atlanta 11-21-03):

1. Friends Of Mine
2. Planet Earth
3. Hungry Like The Wolf
4. Come Undone
5. What Happens Tomorrow
6. New Religion
7. Is There Something I Should Know?
8. Beautiful Colours
9. (Waiting For The) Night Boat
10. Ordinary World
11. Save A Prayer
12. Notorious / We Are Family
13. Girls On Film
14. Careless Memories
15. Wild Boys


16. White Lines
17. The Reflex
18. Rio