August 22, 2004
Chastain Park Amphitheatre - Atlanta, GA



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Heart was absolutely the biggest surprise of the year (to date). From “Bebe Le Strange” to the double Zeppelin encore of “Black Dog” and “Misty Mountain Hop,” the Wilson sisters were out to prove that they’re much more than the sum of their mostly lame ‘80s hits. The new album, Jupiter’s Darling, is simply the best “classic rock” release since that term was coined. Fittingly, this show leaned heavily on it. The fact that they ignored all but a pair of reworked hits from the ‘80s and played no less than seven new numbers (without losing the crowd) says more than I can.

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Ann belted “Make Me” and “Lost Angels” out of the park, having lost none of her power or range. In fact, she may be even stronger. Nancy rocked spastically on “Fallen Ones,” punctuating chord changes with kicks. Perhaps former Alice In Chains bassist Mike Inez has helped to re-spark the fire. Whatever it is, who cares? It was worth the wait. The late show attack of “Magic Man, “Crazy On You” and “Barracuda” only confirmed it. Heart is back and better than ever. Sure, they’ll be virtually ignored by the media and radio but don’t let that make you think Heart hasn’t become valid again. Besides, when has radio or the media ever put a premium on the good stuff? This was it.

(Chris McKay / concertshots.com)

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