January 11, 2003
40 Watt Club-Athens, GA


Yugami came out on stage with the most impossibly out of tune and sludgy guitar tone possible. The vocals were indecipherable, the bass was distorted and the overall crunch drowned any melody from their sound. Still, there was something about them that made them worth watching. For the duration of their set, they managed to keep a tough crowd interested and their obvious passion for their music translated clearly that this young trio is one to keep eyes on as they develop.



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Having stepped out for a few minutes too long, I unfortunately missed Carrie Nations completely. Before I could dwell on my disappointment Ed and Amber beat it out of me. Showing up while Jucifer is already onstage is akin to being pushed off a ship into the middle of a stormy ocean. Guitarist/vocalist/birthday girl Amber Valentine stalked the darkness and punctuated the pounding sound with pre-whiplash jerks and spasms. Drummer Ed Livengood simply beat the hell out of his kit while looking like a psychotic tennis pro about to go on a killing spree. The bottom-heavy sound mixed with the massive peals of feedback that drenched the crowd was nearly trance inducing. Strobe lights alternated with near complete darkness, forcing me to fear for the safety of any potential epileptics in the crowd. At the end of the set, Livengood literally tripped and fell his way off stage while Amber blew kisses to those wishing her a happy birthday. I firmly believe that all of the fillings in my teeth are now loose.

(Chris McKay/concertshots.com)

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