February 6, 2004
The Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA


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First off, Keller Williams is a brilliant musician and performer. Alone on stage with just his instruments and pedals, he creates a completely loose, improv heavy environment that can turn on a dime or wade in molasses. I don’t know but I think that even if the air wasn’t thick with pot, it would smell like that in the room from the second the barefooted ringleader sauntered on stage. I believe that aroma must just waft around him and come out of the speakers when he plays.

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Of course, as with all frat-friendly-jam music, the air was also think with irony. It’s funny how you can hear the fans in line before the show saying how much pop music “sucks” and that only true originals like Keller can save it. However, the biggest responses Williams got all night were from fairly faithful covers of songs like Cameo’s “Word Up,” Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough,” a Bee Gees medley and a crowd participation heavy “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The capper was the fact that the allegedly non-pop-listening audience somehow mysteriously knew all the words to these songs. Hmmm. Curioser and curioser. (Note to self: dig out old A-Ha records, take off shoes and hit the road to riches!)

Chris McKay /

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