Lindsey Buckingham
October 6, 2006
Variety Playhouse
Atlanta , GA


Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a bit in awe of Lindsey Buckingham and always have been. He's that rare artist that can balance his experimental tendencies with mainstream masterpieces. Between his towering solo material and his work with Fleetwood Mac, I believe that Lindsey Buckingham is the most underrated musician in rock history. Judging from the lyrics on his brilliant new solo album Under The Skin , he agrees!

This was yet another Atlanta tour opener so no one was quite sure what to expect when Lindsey took the stage by himself with his acoustic and launched into "Not Too Late". It sounded like wood and sparks. Reverb wrapped around the listener during the choruses only to be pulled back during the verses. It was as jarring and in depth in the flesh as it is at home with headphones.

After solo versions of "Trouble" and the Fleetwood Mac classic "Never Going Back Again", the band came out. Buckingham unleashed a new version of "I'm So Afraid" that is a lot more restrained than the Mac version. It's almost eerily quiet. Strangely, the super powerful solo at the end was equally as intense but in a more muted way.

Nice harmonies were added by the other guitar player. I think "gently intense" may be harder than straight ol' intense and this was a masterful display of that. There were also great versions of “Big Love”, “Go Insane”, “Tusk” and “Second Hand News” thrown in amongst the new tracks. It was no surprise that "Go Your Own Way" was the show closer and even less surprising that the place went berserk.

The encore of “ Holiday Road (Theme From National Lampoon's Vacation)” was a total shock as I'd always heard that Lindsey hated this one and refused to perform it. Well, he did it tonight and it was replete with a dog-barking, fall-to-the floor and roll around ending! We all sang along and felt good about it! And I'm proud that I was there for the next phase in the career of an already legendary guitarist, songwriter, performer and producer.

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Lindsey Buckingham set list for October 6, 2006 in Atlanta, GA:
Click the song titles with active links to see very brief YouTube clips from this show.)

1. Not Too Late
2. Trouble
3. Never Going Back Again
4. Second Hand News
5. Cast Away Dreams
6. Red Rover
7. It Was You
8. Big Love
9. Sardonic World / Go Insane
10. Under The Skin
11. World Turning
12. I'm So Afraid
13. I Know I'm Not Wrong
14. Tusk
15. Murrow Turning Over In His Grave
16. Go Your Own Way
17. Holiday Road
18. Show You How