November 9, 2003
The Roxy - Atlanta



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Opening act Wheat was a pleasant time. With a rootsy sound that managed to have Cheap Trick / ELO sized hooks, they should make a dent soon enough. Any band that the audience has never heard that winds up with a venue sized sing-a-long on an original is cool with me.

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Liz Phair:

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So what is it that Liz Phair does? She’s an indie Queen, a provocateur, a sell-out, a divorced mom and an engaging live performer. At The Roxy, she proved that she’s an inspiration to young women, male libidos and a pretty stellar songwriter to boot.

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Opening with “6’ 1””, she captured the attention of those who jumped on her bandwagon when she was still the future of alt-rock. With her current look, you’d never believe she had that tag once upon a time. Decked out in a midriff baring tank top and unbuttoned hot pants that showed off red panties, there was actually a gasp when the lights went up. It was pretty hilarious. I actually heard the phrase “hootchie mama” uttered.

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The other surprise was the headset mic. For the first time ever, Ms. Phair was unencumbered by a mic stand. She declared the Atlanta show “the maiden voyage of the headset. It’s so wrong, it’s right.” She took the opportunity to dance and writhe around while singing super-dirty songs like “Flower” and “My Favorite Underwear.” Before launching into that pair, she blushingly warned moms to cover the ears of the 13 and under attendees, which were more plentiful than you’d think.

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I was impressed by the way her super-slick-on-album-new songs weren’t that at all in a concert format. “Why Can’t I” and “Rock Me” made perfect sense next to “Polyester Bride” and “Never Said.” Her appropriately loose band was the perfect accompaniment to this material. “The Divorce Song” is still just as achingly painful as always while “Extraordinary” and “Supernova” rocked hard. Following the latter, Liz abandoned her set list in favor of the poignant “Little Digger.” As a final encore, she and the band blazed through “Fuck And Run.” Ten years after her breakthrough, Liz Phair is as relevant as ever. Is she a sell-out or does she genuinely enjoy embracing her sexuality with catchy choruses and well-written songs? The evidence from this show weighed firmly on the side of an artist who does what she wants no matter what. It’s kind of funny that the people who embraced her for shaking things up when she first appeared on the scene can’t take being shaken up by her now.

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Liz Phair Set List (Atlanta - November 9, 2003):

1. 6' 1"
2. Johnny Feelgood
3. Friend Of Mine
4. Polyester Bride
5. Mesmerizing
6. Why Can't I
7. Rock Me
8. Divorce Song
9. Perfect World
10. Flower
11. My Favorite Underwear
12. Help Me Mary
13. Extraordinary
14. Jealousy
15. Never Said
16. Supernova


17. Little Digger
18. Red Light Fever
19. Fuck & Run