November 6, 2003
The Tabernacle - Atlanta


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The Moody Blues are still capable of taking away the pains of every day life through musical escapism.

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Their two hour, two set show launched with “Lovely To See You” and ran through most of the songs you’d expect, a few obscure surprises and the necessary new material that, luckily, fit right in. “Gemini Dream” pumped up the crowd, which was obviously the same crowd that they’ve played to for the last 30-plus years.

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Ex-hippies and middle-aged parents with their children sat (yes, that’s right, they stayed seated) enraptured for a beautiful “Tuesday Afternoon.” I was most impressed that the band decided to throw in tunes like “The Actor,” “Are You Sitting Comfortably” and an especially energetic relic from “back when my hair was brown and my teeth were white” called “Higher And Higher.”

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While “The Story In Your Eyes” and “Isn’t Live Strange” seem to have softened over the years, songs like “The Other Side Of Life” and “Your Wildest Dreams” have aged nicely. Of course, the closing quartet of tunes moved the crowd to get up and dance.  “I’m Just A Singer In A Rock & Roll Band” thundered through the Tab and “Nights In White Satin” was the thunder’s echo.

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“Question” and “Ride My See Saw” closed the night out in a joyous way. The whole band and audience seemed to be celebrating their longevity and the hopes of many more youthful nights to come. Gray hair be damned.

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