August 25, 2006
Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre
Atlanta, GA


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Poison in 2006? What’s the point? That’s what I was thinking. I’m not a fan and never will be. To my utter and complete surprise, they were a fun Friday night out. I guess that’s their stock in trade and tonight, they delivered. But it was what happened at the end of the show that earned Poison my personal award for “Most Rock And Roll Moment Of The Year.”

You see, Poison bassist Bobby Dall and singer Bret Michaels got into a bit of a scuffle during the encore. It seemed as if the once-pretty-boy front man threw his microphone in the direction of the bassist. Bobby responded by taking off his bass, winding it up (just like in the “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” video) and slinging it at Michaels, hitting him hard, right across the legs.

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All photos and review copyright Chris McKay / concertshots.com

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The other band members and security had to intervene as the 2 dived at each other with Michaels then going into a boxing stance. After briefly leaving the stage, Michaels returned to apologize and said, "That's been building up for 20 years. It would've been a good fight. You might have just witnessed the final Poison show with this formation."As Michaels continued to apologize, Dall came from the wings, ran up to the mic and said "I'll do one more fucking song” as guitarist C.C. Deville and drummer Rikki Rockett looked embarrassed and frustrated. The band then tore through a nearly punk version of "Talk Dirty To Me.” After that, Dall threw a peace sign and walked off, leaving the rest of band to take the final bows.

The rumor is that Bret Michaels wound up leaving the venue in an ambulance.

The tour ended a few days later.

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