RATT (featuring Stephen Pearcy)
XXX Harddrive

(concert preview)


 Georgia Theatre
Thursday August 9, 2001

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  “What comes around, goes around.” When Stephen Pearcy, lead vocalist of 2nd tier ‘80’s metal band RATT, heard that his old bandmates were on the road without him using the name of the group that he founded, he declared “Enough Is Enough.” Pearcy wants to “Tell The World” the truth about the situation and remind the group’s fans that RATT was his band, he wrote the songs, he started it and he ended it. Figuring he’s in a “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose” situation, he’s not letting his former partners “Lack Of Communication” get him down. So, with legal documents in hand, Stephen is “Back For More” with an entirely new lineup and an old set list. “You Should Know By Now” that Pearcy and crew will “Give It All” at the Theatre. They’ll be sure to “Lay It Down.” So, if “You’re In Love” with ‘80’s hair spray rock and “You Think You’re Tough”, “Take A Chance” and come get some polished metal “Between The Eyes.” Don’t worry about your coolness quotient.  After all, going to this show is “Dangerous But Worth The Risk.” If you’re friends say “Shame Shame Shame” that you would dare go see RATT, just tell ‘em you went to learn what NOT to do or something, but don’t let ‘em find out about your private tattoo that reads “Way Cool, Jr.” You can’t afford that kind of “Slip Of The Lip.” Local sleaze rockers XXX Harddrive hope to make bail in time for their opening slot.

 (Chris McKay/concertshots.com)