November 29, 2004
Roxy - Atlanta


VHS Or Beta:


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Scissor Sisters:

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   "Let me tell you – there’s nothing like going South.”

 New York City’s Scissor Sisters tour opener was a homophobe’s worst nightmare. To the rest of us, (borrowing a phrase from the glam of a different time) this was “nothing but a good time.” Performing most of the instantly catchy Studio 54 style cuts from their debut CD, the band blended pure camp with genuine skill.

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Even more inspiring was the beautiful and fittingly tragic “Return To Oz.” With all the pomp and pretense of Bowie’s most over-the-top theatrics, the tragic tale unfolded to the accompaniment of harmony guitar solos and complex musical arrangements that most acts don’t have the guts to attempt.

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The depth of the Scissor Sisters’ songwriting is virtually missing from their dance hall contemporaries. This is what sets them apart and above everyone else in that field. Throughout the show, the melodies and hooks of the bubbly pop kept everyone on their feet. The whole crowd joined in on the chorus of “Tits On The Radio.” They all chanted along blissfully with the Bee Gees impersonation on the brilliantly blasphemous cover of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb.”

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As great as the drama was, that’s not why the crowd was here. They were here to lose themselves in the time-honored tradition of escapist showbiz flash. To that end, the Sisters pummeled the crowd with a relentless light show and the decadent upcoming single, “Filthy Gorgeous.” For the final encores, they tore through an unbelievably tight version of “Take Your Mama” before winding it all up with a raucous, distorted “Music Is The Victim” that was more intense than most rock bands. The Scissor Sisters are an incongruous entity: bubblegum with nutritional value.

 (Chris McKay /

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