Sunday July 22, 2002
Atlanta-Dekalb Center-Dekalb, GA


The Cult concert marked the opening of the Dekalb-Atlanta center. It's basically set up like a (not so) giant cafeteria with no tables or seats. It's standing room only. It's about 250 degrees and miserable during a sold out show. Some would say it's perfect for rock and roll.


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About an hour and a half after the ticketed start time, Tennessean Lennon Murphy launched into a set that was equal parts Marilyn Manson and Pat Benatar. Looking like a cross between Xena: Warrior Princess and Britney Spears, this 19 year old braved the typical cries of "take it off" and hit the crowd with the female take on '94 grunge. She seemed a bit shy, but rocked as hard as she could. I couldn't get too far past the dated sound of the music, but most in attendance appeared to be with her by the end of the set. Lennon has talent and audacity (who else would be crazy enough to promote themselves with that name). With the right push from her label, the novelty of a scantily clad metal-goth chick might actually take off for awhile, but unless she finds a sound of her own, it won't last.

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The Cult:

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The Cult blasted on stage with the current single "Rise." They followed with a set list that relied heavily on their new record Beyond Good And Evil (although a particularly raucous "Peace Dog" was a nice surprise/old favorite). The crowd was hot, sweaty and uncomfortable, and they took out their aggression with fists flying through the air. Guitarist Billy Duffy and the rest of the band (which included Matt Sorum returning to the drum stool after his stint with Guns ‘N Roses) smoked all night, but lead vocalist Ian Astbury was clearly in a bad mood. He sulked about the stage in a fur hat and red eye makeup trying hard to conjure the spirit of Jim Morrison but leaving a lot to be desired in his actual job as vocalist. He often left out entire vocal phrases and generally seemed tired and a bit disgusted. Even the audience's lighter waving during "Edie (Ciao Baby)" didn't seem to lighten him up. No one in the band made eye contact with him or vice versa. His mood eventually climaxed in an insult veiled as a half-hearted apology. He began by saying "sorry if your suburban sensibilities are getting fucked up," and then followed it up with a disjointed speech about who The Cult is and what they do. After out of breath versions of "Fire Woman" and "Wild Flower", he simply said, "this will be the finale...let's put an end to this" which led to a half-hearted "She Sells Sanctuary."

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Before the encore, Astbury once again commenced to rant. This time he was haranguing his own sound crew for incompetence. He then urged us to write our local congressman and complain about the 11pm concert curfew. Baiting the crowd with lines like "the local authorities say it is past your bed time", he made it clear that the band would've played longer, but if they did they would "go to jail or pay $50,000 dollars or something." By this time, some of the band seemed a bit embarrassed by what came across as continued animosity toward the people who bought tickets to this show. Of course, when bitching about the curfew, he neglected to mention the fact that the show began an hour and a half after it was scheduled to start. Luckily, the closer "Love Removal Machine" full-on rocked. Here, as well as through the rest of the night, guitarist Billy Duffy was the heart and soul of The Cult. His playing was soulful and never phoned in. He did his job well...and he didn't make excuses by blaming others. That's something that his partner, Ian, should bear in mind.

(Chris McKay/

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THE CULT set list (7-22-01):

1. Rise

2. In The Clouds

3. Lil' Devil

4. Peace Dog

5. Take The Power

6. Here Comes The Rain

7. Edie (Ciao Baby)

8. Coming Down

9. Breathe (You Bastard)

10. The Saint

11. Fire Woman

12. Sweet Soul Sister

13. Wild Flower

14. She Sells Sanctuary


15. Love Removal Machine