(featuring Cake, Cheap Trick, The Detroit Cobras, Charlie Louvin and The Hackensaw Boys)

September 2, 2003
The Tabernacle - Atlanta


The Hackensaw Boys:

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Charlie Louvin:

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The Detroit Cobras:

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This show was as eclectic as they come. Headliners Cake did their usual poetry slam with a beat shtick to the delight of their die-hards, but it was the openers who stole this show. Cake front man John McCrea put this bill together to reflect his taste and I thank him for doing it. Starting with a short, toe-tapping set from neo-trad-bluegrass outfit The Hackensaw Boys, the show also featured garage rock via early Blondie from The Detroit Cobras and a new-song heavy set from ‘70s power poppers Cheap Trick. While, Cheap Trick’s set managed to throw in the necessary “I Want You To Want Me,” “Dream Police” and “Surrender,” it was clear that the band was here to promote the new album Special One. Almost half of their hour long set was devoted to the new cuts. Luckily, the new songs stood up just fine to the classics and show ender “Scent Of A Woman” was extra powerful. I’ve got to say, though, the best part of the night for me came from country music legend Charlie Louvin. As a member of The Louvin Brothers over a half-century ago, Charlie and his sibling influenced everyone from the Everly Brothers to The Byrds to Emmylou Harris. To be able to hear “When I Stop Dreaming,” “See The Big Man Cry” and “I Don’t Believe You’ve Met My Baby” live by such a master and innovator of the genre was beautiful. The Hackensaw Boys did a great job backing Louvin and with all the smiles going around, it was clear that everyone on the stage and in the crowd got it and loved it, too. This is the reason that live music survives.

Chris McKay / concertshots.com


Cheap Trick:

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