May 20, 2006
Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, GA



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Ah, I finally got to see World Party! They've been one of my cult faves for years. I was thrilled enough that Dumbing Up (the “new” album) was finally released on these shores but to be able to see the Party in person is very sweet icing to that cake as I never thought I’d get the chance. You see, this tour was supposed to happen in 2000 but the man that is World Party, Karl Wallinger, had a massive aneurysm around that time. It wound up taking six years to get out and about again.

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His anecdotes were full of witty insight and he was clearly having a good time. Personally, I would've loved to have heard a Dumbing Up heavy song selection but I think most of the people there preferred the greatest hits that were on display. This show was stripped down to Karl (alternating between guitar and piano), a violinist and a second guitarist. No drums, no bombast. Just songs. And what amazing songs they were for a beautiful, relaxing night.

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In the meantime, he had his head sewn in half and had to relearn to speak and play (from the reports I've heard). So his appearance was a minor miracle. This semi-acoustic mini-tour was more of a toe in the ocean of touring than a full-blown outing but that only made it more special. Seeing Wallinger sit behind the piano for solo versions of “Vanity Fair” and “She’s The One” were nothing short of magical.

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