XXX Hardrive

Criminal Behavior



These guys are definitely gunning to be the most obnoxious band in Athens. With equal parts MC5 and Faster Pussycat, they mix a drink sure to knock you off your ass. With an album cover with nods to Aaron’s Bonding Company and mug shots of each of the members of the group, you should know what you’re in for before you even slip the disc into the player. From the Ace Frehley double stop guitar bends of “Smoke and Mirrors” to sleazy whiskey soaked AC/DC influenced “Nocturnal Inferno” these guys are relentless in their desire to be kings of the lowest common denominator. These tunes are suitably juvenile paens to sex, drugs, rock and roll and the punishment that each brings. “Big Scheme” is boogie metal that is borderline funky and “Rearranged” even raids Cinderella’s closet for a few tricks. As with all hard rockin’ bands, they have to show their soft underbelly, and they do that admirably well with “Never.” This airy acoustic ballad is either fifteen years behind or ahead of its time depending on which way the wind blows. These guys probably won’t make it too far out of the garage, but there’s a Hell of a party going on in it so they probably don’t even care to get out. Go see them if any venue around here will let them play. Just keep your hand on your wallet when you’re around them! ( (Chris McKay/

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